Trying Travis CI

Code Coverage is a measurement of how many lines/blocks/arcs of your code are executed while the automated tests are running.

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GCC Calling Conventions

Question 1: What is the advantage of using callee and caller-saved registers? Why can’t all the registers be either callee-saved or caller-saved?

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Reclaim/Make Space on Mac

  • Uninstall Applications using CleanMyMac
  • Some Applications/Softwares might not be detected completely using CleanMyMac. Example: R
  • Homebrew
    • Clean Up Brew. Check size of cleanup using brew cleanup -n and brew cleanup to perform it.
    • Check the size of Cellar (where homebrew installs) by using du -sh /usr/local/Cellar
  • Check iMovies files in ~/Movies/iMovie Library. I happened to find 7 GBs just lying there from old resources which I no longer needed :)
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Linux Shell on Mac?

I was trying to use GCC in combination with GDB. There were some errors, that are still unresolved. The problem was that GDB was unable to use the output that was created. I tried changing from clang to gcc provided by brew install gcc but it did not work out.

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AT&T x86 Assembly

The resources are hard to comprehend and general understand is (in my case at least) being done with a lot of Stack Overflow answers. So, let’s make some notes and consolidate all the learnings together

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Refresh C

What is . and -> || a->b === (*a).b

If you have a variable of a structure, use . to access its elements.

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