Fix Mac Crash/Corrupt User [macOS Mojave]

I have seen a lot of blogs on how to fix it but I often get stuck. This one seems the most useful at times.

The problem is like, after restarting the Finder starts to freeze and soon you cannot open any applications or even request for a restart.

The solution is to create an Admin User and clear ~/Users/username/Library/Caches. I had to use the terminal for that (used the command sudo rm -rf <path>)

There was a slight trick required. By default the terminal does not have All Disk access and so the rm -rf or such commands won’t work. To allow it:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Security and Privacy
  3. Privacy tab
  4. Full Disk Access from the left panel
  5. Click the lock button at the bottom to allow changes
  6. Add terminal in the list of applications having Full Disk Access
Written on January 1, 2019